How new automated storage solutions help solve old storage problems

Till a few decades ago, most of the factories and warehouses had conventional storage systems with racks and shelves for storage. The height of the racks depended to a large extent on the ladders available and workers in the factories and warehouse would climb the racks manually to keep the various items in place or retrieve them. All record keeping was manual. In some cases forklifts were being used to retrieve the items stored. However, increasingly businesses are opting for some best vertical storage Solutions and the many advantages of these new automated systems are being discussed.


best vertical storage Solutions


Floor Space


Since the height of each storage rack was limited due to manual constraints, the business would have to purchase a large number of storage racks for storing the items. This would increase the expense of the business. Additionally, these racks would also take up more floor space. Hence the storage capacity of the warehouse was greatly limited. In contrast the height of the vertical storage carousel system is far more and is limited only by the height of the roofing of the factory or warehouse. Hence it will take less floor space in the building. The free floor space can be used for other activities.


Time Taken


For older storage systems, all items were placed manually and also retrieved manually. All records of where the items were placed were made manually, though they may be computerized at a later date. Hence the time taken to place an item in the storage shelves and retrieve it would be more, since a person was checking the space available, and then placing it. Similar a person would check records manually and then retrieve the item. With automated systems, the items are placed automatically, and retrieved quickly, since all records are computerized and easily accessible using software.


Space Availability


In the rack and shelves based storage system, the forklift operator or staff would have to search for a place available in the warehouse. The pallets and items stored were of different sizes, and since the staff had to use their judgement to place the items, in many cases, larger spaces were not used optimally. Sometimes, small items would take up a lot of space, and there was no space for larger items. In the automated system, exact information on the space available and used is available, and the software will automatically place the item stored, so that no space is wasted.



best vertical storage Solutions


Manpower and Injury


Hiring, managing staff and paying them salaries is a major expense for a business and the older rack based shelves required more staff, since the amount of work they could do in a day was limited. Since the staff was handling the items manually there was also a greater risk of work related injuries for which they should be compensated by the business. One of the biggest advantages of using the automated carousel system for both storage and retrieval is that the manpower used is greatly reduced because of the software and equipment. The risk of injury is also reduced since staff does not have to climb ladders with heavy items.